Premium Solvent Cleaner 4320

Use solely in solvent cleaning tanks or related equipment or manufacturing processes
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Premium Solvent Cleaner 4320 is a professional strength Solvent cleaner, excellent for cleaning Tools, Equipment, and Spray Guns.

1 Gal Can
5 Gal Pail
55 Gal Drum
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Being an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, all our products are manufactured under controlled and traceable lots. Our QC team qualifies raw materials, packaging goods, and finish goods. every step is documented and reviewed by experts.


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Currently, Rexall Offers prepaid shipping:

  • Eastern Canada, Orders over $2000.00
  • Western Canada, Order over $4000.00
  • Small orders, please contact our office for rates.

Is private labelling available?

Rexall offers a private label program for all of our products. Our marketing team will work with you to design your labels and packaging. Please get in touch with us to discuss how Rexall can support your needs.

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