Rexall Solutions, manufactures, and packages chemical products

With unrivaled quality control, Canadian owned Rexall Solutions has over two decades of experience in chemical manufacturing and private labeling.

We don't Just sell Products, We Provide Solutions.

Interested in outsourcing your packaging or production? Looking for a partner to develop formulation for a new product? Need private labeling? Struggling with quality or to meet volume demands?

We can help! With 20+ years of experience, Rexall Solutions provides contract manufacturing, toll blending, packaging of chemical products in various packaging, and private labeling on all our existing products. Rexall could help you, take your business to the next level.

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a trusted partner, offering collaborative solutions

I’m proud of the quality of work we do at Rexall Solutions. It starts with getting to know your specific needs. From there we can collaborate to brings solutions to help you take your business to the next level.
Ryan Rahbar, President and Owner
Efficient Innovation
  • Smarter ways to manufacture and produce effective products efficiently
  • Optimized supply chains and reduction of total cost of ownership
  • Strategies to create a more effective market presence and stand out above the crowd
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Sustainability Leadership

Finding innovative ways to reduce energy consumption, waste, and emissions.

Rexall Solutions manufactures over a million products every year. To us, innovation means a steadfast commitment to optimizing processes, formulas, and finding new ways to reduce our impact, to help build a better future for our family, customers, employees and community.

Operationally, processes and resources have been selected with sustainability at the forefront, including using recyclable packaging and boxes, minimalist eco-friendly packaging, a program for client returnable drums, and ensuring the equipment is always running at the optimum level for maximum efficiency.

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