Forging Effect Paint

Negro / Black EX014PR0117 Gris / Grey EX014PR1009 Paint with metallic particles with a rough finish that results in a ferrous look.
About the Product

MTN PRO Forging Effect Paint is a synthetic solvent paint that offers a rough finish thanks to its natural micaceous iron oxide particles.

Apart from the iron appearance, this synthetic enamel has excellent anticorrosive power.

Due to the characteristics of the product, we recommend its use in touch-ups of all kinds of materials, whether industrial or domestic. Its finish is ideal on structural steel; gates, metal fences, welding joints, street lamps, fountains and all kinds of urban furniture.

Very fast drying Good anti-corrosion power Protects the metallic foundation High resistance to outdoor exposure Good covering power Excellent welding properties Very good adherence Rough finish appearance
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