Nitro 2G Colors

Presenting the technology of Nitro 2G in a larger format. On top of being a 500 ml format, fast-drying paint that has great coverage.


Amarillo Claro / Light Yellow EX015A1021M
Naranja Pastel / Orange EX015A2004M
Rojo Vivo/ Intense Red EX015A3001M
Verde Guacamole / Guacamole Green EX015A0034M

About the Product

More paint, more colors. The exclusive 500 ml format for Nitro 2G Colors offers a basic chromatic selection, making it a highly useful tool for the most demanding writers. It was specially designed to cover aluminum paint (Silverkiller), and the extra 100 ml of Nitro 2G Colors guarantees extraordinary aerosol duration in comparison to the usual 400ml size. It won’t leave you hanging.

It should be noted that, although the black version of Nitro 2G Colors has the same acrylic formulation as its 400 ml little brother, the rest of the Nitro 2G Colors are synthetic-based paints.

Acrylic / synthetic paint 500ml Matte finish 10 colors
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