Marble Effect

Decorative paint that mimics the aesthetics of marble.

Decorative solvent-based acrylic paint gives a marble appearance to all types of surfaces.


Blanco / White EX014PM9010
Negro / Black EX014PM9011
Plata / Silver EX014PM0101
Oro / Gold EX014PM0102

About the Product

The MTN PRO Marble Effect is a decorative spray paint, based on acrylic solvent, which lends a marble-like appearance to all kinds of surfaces. Thanks to its characteristics, it can be applied to metal, most plastics, stone, ceramics, glass and other pre-painted surfaces.

The paint has an excellent opacity and expands on the surface using fine threads of colored lacquer, simulating the “veins” of marble.

To improve adhesion, we recommend applying a specific primer, depending on the surface. This product is ideal for both interior and exterior projects; in the case of the latter, it is advisable to use the MTN PRO Acrylic Varnish to enhance its resistance.

Four colors Very fast drying Marble appearance Colored lacquer threads or veins Will cover other coatings. Compatible with MTN Hardcore, MTN 94 and MTN PRO products like colors, primers and varnishes Good adhesion on most surfaces Easy to apply and recoat
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