Acetone is a pure solvent with an endless variety of applications. It is very aggressive, dries rapidly, and leaves no residue. It is exempt from VOC regulations in most jurisdictions. As a cleaner or stripper, it aggressively dissolves heavy greases and stubborn residues, quickly removes coatings and cleanses fiberglass resins and epoxies.

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Acetone may be used as a thinner for fast-dry coatings or as a multi-purpose solvent in 3D printing. It helps smooth ABS.

Features & Benefits

  • Thins Two-Part Epoxies and Fiberglass Resins
  • Removes sticky residue left on glass and porcelain by price stickers and other adhesive labels and cleans lacquer and epoxy application tools
  • Not suitable as a thinner for most oil-based paints and coatings
  • Dilute with water to reduce strength for cleaning vinyl or fiberglass surfaces
  • Softens: Plastic, Plexiglas, Linoleum, Latex Paint, Glue, Tar, Synthetic Fabrics, and Asphalt
  • Removes stubborn contaminants
  • Rapid evaporation rate
  • Highly miscible with other solvents
  • Leaves no residues
  • VOC-free
  • Low toxicity
  • CARB compliant
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