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Acetone is a pure solvent with an endless variety of applications. It is very aggressive, dries rapidly, and leaves no residue. Being an organic compound, it is considered non-toxic and is exempt from VOC regulations in most jurisdictions. As a cleaner or stripper, it aggressively dissolves heavy greases and stubborn residues, and quickly removes and cleanses fiberglass resins, epoxies, vinyl, adhesives, and lacquers.


Features & Benefits

  • Thins two-part epoxies and fiberglass resins
  •  Removes stubborn contaminants, grease, and grime.
  •  Removes sticky residue left on glass and porcelain by adhesive labels and cleans lacquer and epoxy application tools
  •  Softens: Plastic, Plexiglas, Linoleum, Latex Paint, Glue, Tar, Synthetic Fabrics, and Asphalt.
  •  After dilution with water can clean vinyl or fiberglass surfaces
  •  Rapid evaporation rate
  •  Highly miscible with other solvents
  •  Leaves no residues
  •  VOC-free
  •  Low toxicity
  •  CARB compliant
  •  Not suitable as a thinner for most oil-based paints and coatings

Cleaning: Ideal for comprehensive cleaning applications; acetone has a fast evaporation rate and superior solvent capabilities perfect for removing tough stains from virtually any surface. It cleans oil-based paint, varnish, polyurethane application tools; lacquer and epoxy application tools; and more. Acetone is so effective it is used in labs to remove oil and contaminants from beakers and to sterilize surgical equipment.

Petroleum Production: Acetone solvent is used as an additive to thin gasoline allowing easier diffusion inside the engine to improve fuel efficiency.

Labs: In laboratories, acetone is commonly used conducting organic chemical reactions as a polar aprotic solvent or reactions at lower temperatures since it can be chilled with dry ice. Acetones vapor is used as a fluorescent to trace fluid flow under UV light in addition to being a viable cleaning for laboratory glassware.

Pharmaceutical Industry: Since acetone is non-toxic and can be ingested, inhaled, or absorbed via the skin; it is used in fillers and other active components to guarantee the precise dose of medication. It allows the medication to compress into the required density while not completely dissolving.

Cosmetics and Textiles: Primary solvent choice for fingernail polish remover; serving as a solvent for other cosmetic products such as makeup and skin creams. Precise acetone dilutions are essential to remove gums, oils, and other substances from raw textile fibers without damaging material.

Degreasing: For metal and concrete surfaces, degreasing can be incredibly challenging. The nature of acetone is such that degreasing can be done safely and effectively.

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